Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My first week at UiTM...

uitm di hati ku!!!

28th June 2009

Today, is the day that i have been waiting for a long time.
I don't know how to express it to others, but i know that only Allah
can read my mind right now. Yesterday is my first time here at uitm..
I came with my parents and brother to register. I'm really happy because
now i have already fulfill 1 of my dreams which is go to the
university to continue my study. Last night, my roommates and i can't slept.
Maybe cause we were new here. So, we decided to
have a talk
with each others. They're from Ampang, Damansara & Klang.
Alhamdulillah, all of us easy be friends with each others. (^_^)
And 1 more important thing that i almost forgot which is today all
of us already registered at Dewan Sri Budiman. So, i'm already
become 1 of the mahasiswi here!! yey~ ^_^

29th June 2009

Today, is the first day we start our Minggu Mesra Siswa.
I think that it was like
orientasi day when i was form 1,
but, i was wrong.
MMS was a week that the senior and the
junior wants to know each other. All senior were very friendly.
There are many activities that already been
scheduled for us. Honestly, even it has already 3 days i've been here.
But i still feel lonely. I don't know why. Maybe because i really
missed all my friends from school until KMPh.. ~_~
Whatever it is, life must go on. So, i must try to adapt to this new situation.
Insya-ALLAH..I'll try my best!! Ganbatte at0n~

30th June 2009

Hmmm..already 4th day i've been here.Today,all senior or we called as
PM (which is Pembantu Mahasiswa) helped us to find PTAR. They
show us how to get there. There are 4
PTAR here which
PTAR 1 , 2 , 3 and 4. Alhamdulillah, today i'm not alone. I
went to PTAR by group with Hastika and Azza. Hastika was my
ex-schoolmate and Azza is her roommate. They are
very nice, and i didn't feel
lonely like yesterday.
Incidentally, i found Anis today. She is the first coursemate
that i've found in this MMS.. =)

1st July 2009

Today is Wednesday. The 5th day i'm here at UiTM,
and the first day of a new month..haha.. =D
Today, all newbie will go to our faculty to meet our DEKAN..
so, i will go to the Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Science
also known as FSKM. Our faculty is not really far to my
college which is MAWAR. So, we all just take a walk to our faculty.
perghh!! It was really tired (maybe it was our first time).. huhu..
After we have listen the taklimat from our DEKAN,
our senior bring us to meet our "Ketua Program"..

ATON!!! If everyone can do it,
u can do it too.. ^_^

~Ganbatte kudasai~


aton said...

hmmm..my 1st week at uitm ni...sbnr nye 1st assignment drpd lecturer ktorg..sbb tu le semangat gune english..hahah!! =) thanx to madam...klw madam xsuh wat blog..smpai ble2 la sy xde blog..huhu.. +_+

[+]yAyA[+] said...

heyy2 there. hows life been going on? jd my sR yew skang. wawa. keep it up keyh.

aToN said...

hahaha... =)
life kat cni ok la yaya..
marilah kt sama2 berusaha di UiTM tercinta nih!! ganbatte ne~

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