Saturday, June 26, 2010



thank u my dear, iLLi EaRisSa AiZa
for tagged me this time.. if im not mistaken, this is my 4th
tagged since i jumped into this blogger world..hahaha~

No. 1: Do you think you are hot right now?
Nope..because it's cold here.. :)

No. 2: Upload wallpaper that you are using rite now

No. 3: Last time eating pizza?
hmmm, not sure but on this month.. :D

No. 4: Last song that you listen?
Hakikat bahagia - UNIC

No. 5: Others things that you are doing right now?
Listening music + facebooking ;)

No. 6: Other than your name what is other name that you people use to call you? many! [secret] hahaha~

No. 7: Tag five person

1. @};- Ajijah
2. @};- Haffizs
3. @};- Murni
4. @};- Que
5. @};- Awan

Who is no. 1 for you ? buddy since PDT in KMPh!! :D

Say something for person no.5
awan!! jgn lupe update blog!!
[tau ko malas sbnrnye..saje tagged ko..haha]

no.3 is in relationship with ?
hahaha..murni!!! nk org bgtau kat sini x? hehe~
[xde sbnrnye, sbb murni nk blaja murni kn??]

How about no.2 ?
a very creative person i've ever meet after mint + alyaa!! :)

The fact about 5 people that you tag..

1) Ajijah..hmmm, really appreciate friendship and it's fun
to share anything with her coz she is very open minded person.. :D

2) Haffizs..studying architecture at USM..+ when she sketch something,
it's look like she drawing something on the paper.. :p

3) Murni..sometimes can be sooo silent person but sometimes can be
very talkative one..haha~ murni-chan! thanx 4 everything.. :>

4) Que..knew this girl when we went to PD for MiKiM..
and we stay up together that night..huhu~
sweet memories my dear! :>

5) Awan..didn't know this guy very well..hahaha~
[sori wan! ak xtau nk tulis ape.. :D]

nota kaki :

maap le klw byk sgt grammar mistake..
actually, mmg sy dlm proses nk improve english..
so, just ignore my mistake ok..haha~

"Practice make perfect!"


Miss Tatsuya said...

ton2.. mnde tu bm jer.. kte yg bi kn.. cian dy jd mangse~ ^^

nor azizah ishak said...


Miss Tatsuya said...

jijah.. ad r cket.. kuang2~~

atOn said...

@};- miss tatsuya

hohho..iye ke??
hahahaha..tunggang langgang BI i..hehe..xpe2..from dat i can improve my eng.. :) hehe~

@};- ajijah

hahaha..bukan kah kamu sudah mmg poyo?? ngeh3~

AuLiA said...

wah wah wah!!

atOn said...

@};- AuLiA

hoh hoh hoh~

hiDAyah_muRNi said...

aton ni saje je.hahah
ape tu relationship,,hehe
da wat da tag ni
>> Alamak!

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