Sunday, May 22, 2011


Sometimes..a lot of opportunity came in our life
we need to choose either grab it or drop it

Sometimes..the opportunity just came once may change our life doesn't change anything

Sometimes..we can't decide what the right decision to be made
Sometimes..we need help to make decision

Sometimes..nobody can help us

Sometimes..when we lose it, we'll regret
Sometimes..when we grab it, we had a joy
Sometimes..we just waiting it to be true just came when we need it never come although we wish for it

So, when it come..
Choose the right decision..
And grab it as u wish for..

And the most
IMPORTANT thing is..

"Then when u have take a decision..
put ur trust in Allah..certainly, Allah
love to those who put their trust in Him.."



MofarRahman said...

and sometimes, a time came, where we realize theres no one behind us, and we knew we must stand alone, because no one gonna make it for us. keep standing and breathing, and hoping time will get better soon. as Allah has promised, He will grant happiness for His servants who trust Him.

everything gonna be alright.

and sometimes, you need to put smile on your own face, because no one knows what you have been through. and what you hide behind it. keep hoping in Allah :)

il est toujours proche :)

s1t1 2uL41k4 said...

nice... i do put my trust in Allah..

atOn said...

@};- mofar

(^__--)v yeah~
i'm smiling right now..
thanx for everything my friend.. :)
hontoni arigatou~

atOn said...

@};- s1t1 2uL41k4

:) yes sis...we need to put our trust in Allah..

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